That's what this admittedly depressing site is going to try to do. Remind these people that hatred does have a price. You don't get to go around proclaiming "
Protect the Children!", while contributing to their deaths.

I'm talking to you FRC*, AFA*, NOM, CWA*, ADF, FOtF and so many others.

* These groups are listed as hate groups by the SPLC.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ronnie Parris

Meet Ronnie Parris.  Ronnie was 3 years old when he died on January 28 2005, of severe brain injuries inflicted by his father, Ronnie Parris Jr.

Apparently his father, concerned that Ronnie "might become gay", slap boxed with his son to "toughen him up, so he wouldn't become a sissy".

The toddler's mother, Nysheerah Paris, testified that her husband thought the boy might be gay, and would force him into a box.

In 2002, the Florida Department of Children & Families placed little Ronnie in protective custody after he had been admitted to the hospital several times for vomiting.

He was returned to his parents Dec. 14, five days after his third birthday. He had been with them six weeks when he died.

See;wap2 and for the details.

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